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Assorted Indian Groceries including Basmati Rice

Complement your meals with our Indian groceries including basmati rice in Finchley, London. We carry a full range of pulses, lentils, and beans for you to choose from. No matter what you need, we’re sure that we have the perfect groceries for your next mealtime.

Pulses, Lentils, and Beans

These are fantastic ingredients to have in your kitchen as they are full of flavour and also last a long time on the shelf. They contain no stones and are double re-cleaned to put your mind at ease. All of our high-end products are available in varied sizes and are from several different countries. We provide:

  • Peas

  • Red Split Lentils

  • Red Kidney Beans

  • Black-Eyed Beans

  • Chickpeas

  • Moong Beans

  • Rose Coco Beans

  • Yellow Gram Beans

  • Chana Dal Split Gram

  • Urad Whole Beans

  • Urad Dall Washed Beans

  • Moong Dal Beans

  • Moong Dal Chilka Beans

  • Moth Beans

  • Soybeans

  • Brown and Green Lentils

  • Split Black-Eyed Beans

  • Adzuki Beans

  • Whole Yellow and Grain Peas

  • Toor Dal Oily and Non-Oily Split


You can add different kinds of rice to complement your dish with our selection. We offer high-quality brown and Dehradun basmati rice that are available in different sizes for your convenience. Additionally, you are able to buy popcorn kernels from A To Z Grocers for the perfect night in.